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"We, Kredenz Pharma has been a after thought from the management team of 6 manufacturing units, which are under different directors, but all of them with the same vision of growth and achieving the global standards in manufacturing, sales and regulatory.

Thus kredenz pharma, is evolved for the purpose of invigorating the foundation of the expertise of chemistry, synthesis and enhancing the presence of the associate manufacturing companies on the global map.

The team of Kredenz pharma have a mission of the strengthening these fundamentals.

a. Expose the chemistry skills
b. Utilize the R&D , development skills of the existing associates to go for New process, and Non Infringing routes
c. Establish a regulatory pathway for these associates to enter into REGULATED markets
d. Support associates/upcoming technically advanced firms to get supported financially by appropriate investment by the Kredenz pharma/other financial institutions
e. Scaling the heights by steady growth of associates in the Pharmaceutical chain, as well as global presence

The associated plants with kredenz are as follows—3 units for basic intermediates, 2 units for advanced intermediates, 2 units with GMP for the API synthesis

The team of Kredenz pharma, is also developing a state of art - Lab, and with well qualified scientists who can do the development of critical chemical synthesis, herbal extracts and also with expertise on scaling these developments in the 7 manufacturing plants.

Another upcoming project under the management of kredenz is a green field project of multiblock unit for APIs, and 2 smaller units on the herbal extracts / neutraceuticals"